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Болтон наносит ответный удар. Краш-тест для США

Болтон наносит ответный удар. Краш-тест для США

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“Слуга народу” протягла адвоката Януковича на нову посаду під час свят

“Слуга народу” протягла адвоката Януковича на нову посаду під час свят.

Вони це зробили: версія ДБР. Або як провести конкурс на посаду, коли хочеться просто призначити “своїх” людей? Т.в.о. Директора ДБР Ірина Венедіктова знає, як. У новорічно-різдвяний період вона оголосила ледь не “таємний” конкурс, на проходження котрого, було 2 робочі дні. І в результаті “протягнула” на посаду свого першого заступника колишнього адвоката Віктора Януковича. На посаду заступника теж потрапила людина, повязана з фірмою, де Венедіктова була радницею

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Ten Things You Need to Know About Iowa Caucuses

The 2020 U.S. presidential campaign gets under way for real on Monday, Feb. 3, when voters in the Midwestern state of Iowa gather in schools, libraries and private homes to participate in the Iowa caucuses.Iowa does not always determine the eventual party nominees, but the caucus vote does play a key role in shaping the primary races and weeding out contenders with little support.Here are 10 things people should know about the Iowa caucuses.What are the Iowa caucuses?Once every four years, Iowa seizes the national political spotlight with its caucus vote. Party activists head out to local schools and other locations to express their preference for the various Democratic and Republican candidates running for president. The process can take hours, and the results are eventually used to award convention delegates to candidates who do well.How do the caucuses work?Upon arrival at the caucus site, Democrats taking part elect a local chairperson and form groups supporting the various candidates. After an initial round of voting, candidates who do not have at least 15% support among those at the caucus site are considered no longer viable. Their supporters are free to go to another candidate, and caucus-goers who support other candidates are free to try and persuade them. After this “realignment” process is complete, a final vote tally is taken and reported to the state party. The caucus results ultimately are used to allocate delegates to the national nominating convention in July committed to those candidates who draw the most support.Volunteers call potential caucus-goers at a campaign field office for Democratic presidential candidate former Vice President Joe Biden, Jan. 13, 2020, in Des Moines, Iowa.Do caucus winners always win their party’s nomination?Since 1972, the winner of the Iowa Democratic caucuses has gone on to win the party’s presidential nomination seven out of 10 times. Jimmy Carter got a big boost by finishing second to “uncommitted” in the 1976 caucus voting, and Barack Obama used his victory in 2008 to demonstrate he was a serious threat to favorite Hillary Clinton. But winning in Iowa does not guarantee success in the primary race. Past Democratic winners have included local favorite Sen. Tom Harkin in 1992, Congressman Dick Gephardt in 1988 and Ed Muskie in 1972, none of whom won the nomination. On the Republican side, Bob Dole in 1996 and George W. Bush in 2000 got a huge boost in momentum from winning the caucuses, and eventually went on to win the party nomination.Who are some of the recent winners, and how did they fare in later primaries?Texas Sen. Ted Cruz won the caucuses in 2016 over Donald Trump, while Democrat Hillary Clinton narrowly prevailed over Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders. Sanders is one of the top Democratic contenders again this year. In 2012, former Republican Sen. Rick Santorum won a razor-thin victory over former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, only to see Romney eventually claim the Republican nomination. Romney was defeated by Obama in the general election.Why doesn’t Iowa hold a presidential primary like most other states?Iowa is one of only a handful of states that still prefers to hold time-consuming caucus meetings to begin the process of selecting national convention delegates. Nevada, Kansas, North Dakota and Wyoming are the others. Iowa has traditionally preferred the caucus model since it became a state in 1846. But several states in recent years have moved away from caucus votes to primaries, where voters simply show up at a polling place and cast a ballot. Primary elections draw a wider cross section of voters compared to caucuses, which are usually attended by the more motivated and committed voters. Caucuses also last hours, compared to the more traditional act of voting at the polls or submitting an early vote by mail.Republican presidential candidate former Massachusetts Gov. Bill Weld steps off stage after speaking at a the Faith, Politics and the Common Good Forum at Franklin Jr. High School, Jan. 9, 2020, in Des Moines, Iowa.Are Republicans holding caucuses in Iowa, as well?They are, even though Trump is a heavy favorite. The Republican caucuses function more simply than the Democratic ones. Voters simply show up at their local caucus locations and cast a vote and leave.Iowa Democrats have announced changes to the caucuses this year. What are they?In the past, Democrats would only announce the total number of delegates each candidate has won at the end of voting. This year, after pressure from Sanders supporters to be more transparent, Democrats have decided to also announce the raw vote totals from the first round of voting in the various caucuses, and from the final round of voting after caucus-goers are permitted to realign behind other candidatesIowa caucuses buttonWho decided Iowa should go first?  Iowa began this tradition of holding the first caucuses for Democrats in 1972 and for Republicans in 1976. It has become a point of pride for Iowa to host the first caucuses and for New Hampshire to hold the first presidential primary. New Hampshire’s tradition goes back to 1916 and took on added significance beginning in 1952. Both states have a long-standing pact that they will remain the first contests to the exclusion of all other states, and for the most part, political leaders in both parties have supported them over the years.Who is going to win in Iowa this year?Recent state and national polls show Sanders is surging. He is hoping for a breakthrough in a top tier of candidates that includes former Vice President Joe Biden, Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren and former South Bend, Indiana, Mayor Pete Buttigieg. In addition, Minnesota Sen. Amy Klobuchar is hoping for a strong showing to break into the top tier. But in the final run-up to the vote, Sanders, Warren, Klobuchar and Colorado Sen. Michael Bennet have been limited in their ability to campaign in Iowa because as sitting U.S. senators, they are required to attend Trump’s impeachment trial. 

«Укрзалізниця» потребує понад 50 млрд грн протягом 6 років на оновлення локомотивного парку

«Укрзалізниця» потребує 51,2 мільярда гривень протягом шести років на оновлення локомотивного парку, повідомив член правління компанії Франтішек Буреш.

«Зараз нам доводиться балансувати між оновленням рухомого складу, модернізацією, переоснащенням, капітальними та поточними ремонтами локомотивів», – пояснив Буреш.

За його словами, до 2025 року планується із залученням українських виробників здійснити відновлення та модернізацію 1023 локомотивів і капітальний ремонт 1049 одиниць тягового рухомого складу.

Буреш наголосив, що парк локомотивів «Укрзалізниці» на сьогоднішній день морально та фізично застарілий: знос електровозів становить 94,4%, тепловозів – 98,3%. Із загального інвентарного парку локомотивів лише 190 одиниць, або 5,3%, молодші за 25 років.

У лютому 2018 року «Укрзалізниця» підписала з американською компанією General Electric рамкову угоду про поставки до 225 локомотивів з локалізацією виробництва в Україні до 40% на суму 1 мільярд доларів.

У рамках реалізації першого етапу угоди укладено договір купівлі-продажу між General Electric і «Укрексімбанком» на поставку наприкінці 2018 року і на початку 2019 року 30 вантажних дизельних локомотивів GE TE33AC з рівнем локалізації виробництва в Україні 10%.

СБУ не може підтвердити інформацію про включення ексдепутата Криму Ганиша до списків на обмін

Служба безпеки України не може розкрити інформацію про можливе включення в списки на обмін колишнього депутата Верховної Ради АР Крим Василя Ганиша, якого звинувачують в державній зраді, йдеться у відповіді СБУ на запит проєкту Радіо Свобода Крим.Реалії.

«Згідно з ч. 2 ст. 11 і ч. 2 ст. 21 Закону України «Про інформацію», збір, зберігання, використання та поширення конфіденційної інформації (персональних даних) про особу без її згоди або його законних представників не допускається», – йдеться в документі.

20 січня адвокат Ганиша Андрій Руденко розповів, що їм «наполегливо рекомендували» погодитися на обмін утримуваними особами у вересні та грудні 2019 року, але вони відмовилися, оскільки зацікавлені в розгляді справи.

19 листопада 2018 року Дніпровський районний суд Києва визнав ексдепутата Верховної Ради Криму Василя Ганиша винним у державній зраді і засудив його до 12 років позбавлення волі без конфіскації майна.

Засуджений також зобов’язаний виплатити 5389 гривень судових витрат. До набуття законної сили рішення суду Ганиш має перебувати під домашнім арештом. Такий запобіжний захід діятиме, поки апеляційний суд не винесе рішення.

Ганиш просив суд визнати його невинуватим і виправдати.

Ексдепутата затримали в квітні 2015 року під час виїзду з Криму на материкову частину України співробітники СБУ спільно з українською Держприкордонслужбою. Колишній депутат перебував у розшуку, Генпрокуратура України винесла йому підозру в скоєнні державної зради.

Trump’s Lawyers Resume Defense in Impeachment Trial

U.S. President Donald Trump’s lawyers resumed their impeachment defense Monday, as majority Republicans in the Senate weighed how to respond to a former Trump national security adviser’s allegation that the U.S. leader told him he wanted to withhold military aid to Ukraine until it launched an investigation of a key Democratic rival.Senator Lindsey Graham, a staunch Trump defender, told reporters he would support a subpoena of national security aide John Bolton’s upcoming book, “The Room Where It Happened,” to “evaluate the manuscript and see if it’s a reason to add to the record.”Bolton’s claim that Trump wanted Ukraine to investigate former Vice President Joe Biden and Biden’s son before he would release $391 million that Kyiv wanted to help fight pro-Russian separatists undercuts a key Trump defense — that he did not engage in a quid pro quo deal with Ukraine, the aid in exchange for the politically tinged investigation.FILE – President Donald Trump, left, is flanked by national security adviser John Bolton, right during a press conference in Brussels, Belgium, July 12, 2018.So far, minority Democrats in the Senate have been waging a futile battle to get at least four Republican senators to join them in a simple majority to subpoena Bolton and other Trump officials to testify about their recollections of behind-the-scenes meetings with Trump about Ukraine in the June-to-September period last year.Trump’s lawyers have contended there have been no firsthand accounts of officials who spoke with the president directly about his Ukraine actions. But Bolton often met with Trump until the U.S. leader ousted him last September from his national security post.As the second day of Trump’s defense opened, Trump lawyer Jay Sekulow told the 100 senators acting as jurors that Trump’s actions “at all times” were both legal and within his constitutional authority.Senator Mitt Romney of Utah, a Republican who supports calling White House witnesses whom Trump has blocked from testifying, said the Bolton book revelation makes it “increasingly likely” that more Republican senators will agree to hear testimony from Bolton and others.Senator Susan Collins of Maine, another Republican who has signaled she is open to witnesses, said news reports about the Bolton book “strengthen the case for witnesses.”But it was uncertain whether Senate Republicans supporting Trump, including Majority Leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, who have opposed calling witnesses and subpoenaing Ukraine-related documents had changed their minds. Many Senate Republicans and White House officials are eager to see Trump acquitted of two impeachment charges by week’s end, ahead of next week’s State of the Union address. Calling witnesses could significantly extend the length of the trial.Trump is currently in the second week of his Senate trial on two articles of impeachment, one of them alleging he abused his presidency by withholding the military assistance while pushing Ukrainian leaders to investigate Biden, his son Hunter Biden’s work for a Ukrainian natural gas company, and a debunked theory that it was Ukraine, not Russia, that interfered in the 2016 U.S. election. Trump is also accused of obstructing congressional review of his Ukraine-related actions.The president rejected Bolton’s reported account in a series of early Monday tweets.”I NEVER told John Bolton that the aid to Ukraine was tied to investigations into Democrats, including the Bidens.  In fact, he never complained about this at the time of his very public termination. If John Bolton said this, it was only to sell a book,” Trump said.I NEVER told John Bolton that the aid to Ukraine was tied to investigations into Democrats, including the Bidens. In fact, he never complained about this at the time of his very public termination. If John Bolton said this, it was only to sell a book. With that being said, the…— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) House Democratic impeachment managers, from left, Rep. Jerrold Nadler, D-N.Y., Rep. Sylvia Garcia, D-Texas, Rep. Hakeem Jeffries, D-N.Y., Rep. Adam Schiff, D-Calif., Rep. Val Demings, D-Fla.Democrats: Bolton should testify The lead House impeachment manager, Congressman Adam Schiff, told CNN on Monday, “The senators ought to hear him first hand. The senators should see the man testify live.”He said Bolton kept contemporaneous notes of White House meetings, which Schiff said “are more important than the manuscript” he has written. “The president is clearly trying to hide the truth here.”Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer called the revelation of the Bolton claim “stunning. It goes right to the heart of the charges against the president. How can the Senate vote to not call that witness and his documents?”The White House blocked several current and former administration officials from testifying before House committees during the impeachment investigation, including Bolton and acting White House chief of staff Mick Mulvaney, citing executive privilege to protect the sanctity of White House conversations.Bolton says he is willing to testify at Trump’s impeachment trial if the Senate subpoenas him.U.S. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) speaks during the second day of the Senate impeachment trial of U.S. President Donald Trump in this frame grab from video shot in the U.S. Senate Chamber at the U.S. Capitol in Washington, U.S.,…Impeachment rule stipulations
The rules for the impeachment trial blocked any consideration of new witnesses at the outset, leaving only the possibility for a vote after both sides have made their presentations and the 100 senators have had 16 hours to ask them questions. White House counsel Pat Cipollone began his defense Saturday during two hours of arguments.Cipollone said Trump’s legal team does not believe the House Democrats came “anywhere close to meeting their burden” that Trump committed “high crimes and misdemeanors” – the U.S. Constitution’s standard for impeachment and removal from office.Now, Cipollone and other Trump defense attorneys have said they will expand on their defense, in part focusing on why they believe there was nothing wrong with Trump’s request last July to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy to investigate the Bidens and the Ukraine election meddling theory. No evidence has ever surfaced against either of the Bidens.Trump is all but certain to be acquitted by the Senate with its 53-47 Republican majority. A two-thirds vote is necessary for conviction and no Republican has called for his ouster.

Bolton Book Undermines Trump Impeachment Defense

The team around U.S. President Donald Trump is turning against his former national security adviser after John Bolton, in an upcoming book, undercuts one of the key points of the president’s defense in his impeachment trial.A senior legal adviser to the Trump re-election campaign, Jenna Ellis, who is also an attorney to the president, accuses Bolton of “willing to sell out America…just to score a book deal or 5 minutes of fame.”Retweeting Ellis on Monday, the White House press secretary, Stephanie Grisham, said this was “So true & so unfortunate.”So true, & so unfortunate. But it’s OK because @realDonaldTrump did nothing wrong, & is undeterred as always. He continues to work on behalf of this country, & most importantly – produce real results that benefit Americans & their families. https://t.co/iFpMHvM7De— Stephanie Grisham (@PressSec) January 27, 2020At least one senator of Trump’s Republican party is indicating the revelations in the book may compel witnesses, including Bolton, to be called at the impeachment trial.Senator Mitt Romney of the state of Utah says the former national security adviser has relevant testimony to provide and he thinks “it’s increasingly likely that other Republicans will join those of us who think we should hear from John Bolton.”
Trump’s defense team has maintained that president had valid reasons for withholding military aid from Ukraine.In their arguments to senators, the president’s lawyers are rebutting Democrats’ allegation of a “quid pro quo.” They say the president was not going to help Kyiv until Ukrainian President Volodmyr Zelensky announced an investigation of former U.S. Vice President Joe Biden and his son who served on the board of Burisma, a Ukrainian energy company, while his father was in office.Bolton, in “The Room Where It Happened: A White House Memoir,” to be published March 17, states Trump wanted to freeze military assistance to Ukraine until Kyiv’s government announced the investigation.The New York Times, which revealed online Sunday excerpts from the book, also reported after Trump’s July 25, 2019 phone call with Zelensky, Bolton raised his concerned with Attorney General William Barr that the president’s personal attorney, Rudy Giuliani, was pursuing a shadow Ukraine policy.Trump, early Monday morning, denied Bolton’s account, saying his former adviser “never complained about this at the time of his very public termination. If John Bolton said this, it was only to sell a book.”I NEVER told John Bolton that the aid to Ukraine was tied to investigations into Democrats, including the Bidens. In fact, he never complained about this at the time of his very public termination. If John Bolton said this, it was only to sell a book. With that being said, the…— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) January 27, 2020The president later inaccurately stated in a tweet that Democrats never asked Bolton to testify during last night’s impeachment inquiry in the House.Contents of Bolton’s manuscript were submitted to the National Security Council for a standard security review on December 30, 2019.Bolton’s attorney, Charles Cooper, is blaming the White House for disclosing contents of the book.   Before Bolton spent 17 months as Trump’s national security adviser, he had a long track record as a hawk on foreign policy, giving him credibility among Republican senators who will have to decide if he should testify in the ongoing impeachment trial. 

Наглядова рада «Укрзалізниці» планує розглянути звільнення Кравцова у найближчі тижні – Криклій

Наглядова рада «Укрзалізниці» планує розглянути питання звільнення очільника компанії Євгена Кравцова у найближчі тижні, повідомив міністр інфраструктури Владислав Криклій.

«Я розраховую, що рішення з цього питання буде протягом кількох тижнів. Тому що це процедура, яка потребує рішення наглядової ради», – сказав Криклій.

Він зазначив, що наглядова рада «Укрзалізниці» проводить серію засідань із цього питання.

«Якби це було моє особисте рішення, то я вже підписав би заяву на звільнення. Але процедура інша», – зазначив Криклій.

Кабінет міністрів призначив Кравцова очільником «Укрзалізниці» в січні 2019 року. До цього з серпня 2017-го він виконував обов’язки голови компанії. 30 грудня Кравцов оголосив про свою відставку.

У Києві затримали бойовика «ДНР», який стріляв у поліцейських – правоохоронці

Він є командиром розвідки підрозділу «Оплот», брав участь у боях під Дебальцевим та Іловайськом – поліція

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