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Тонкости дедолларизации: карлик пукин обнуляется вместе с рублем и нефтью

Тонкости дедолларизации: карлик пукин обнуляется вместе с рублем и нефтью

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Democrats Want FCC to Reject Trump Campaign Threat to Broadcasters 

Two top Democrats in Congress on Thursday asked Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Chairman Ajit Pai to reassure broadcasters the agency will not revoke their licenses for airing advertisements critical of President Donald Trump.On March 25, Trump’s campaign sent letters to broadcasters in Florida, Michigan, Minnesota, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin demanding they stop airing an ad critical of Trump’s handling of the coronavirus outbreak and suggested continued airings “could put [the] station’s license in jeopardy.” The states are all expected to be battleground states that could prove decisive in November’s presidential election. Such states are hotly contested because their populations can swing either to Republicans or Democrats.FILE – Rep. Frank Pallone, D-N.J., speaks during a hearing of the Committee on Energy and Commerce on Capitol Hill, May 8, 2018.Democratic Representatives Frank Pallone, who chairs the Energy and Commerce Committee, and Mike Doyle, who chairs the subcommittee overseeing the FCC, said the law prohibits the commission from interfering with programming decisions to air legally protected content. “At a time when autocratic governments around the world are using the coronavirus pandemic as an excuse to suppress press freedoms, we must reaffirm – not undermine – America’s commitment to a free press,” Pallone and Doyle wrote. “By remaining silent, the FCC sends a disturbing signal that it sanctions these threats and that broadcaster licenses could be in jeopardy.” Rep. Mike Doyle, D-Pa., speaks at a news conference about net neutrality in Washington, May 16, 2018.Last week, Democratic super PAC Priorities USA, which created the ad, said it planned to expand its use despite the Trump’s campaign’s cease-and-desist letters. The ad plays verbatim quotes from the president, including, “We have it totally under control” and “One day it’s like a miracle, it will disappear,” as a graph shows the rising number of coronavirus cases. In the opening, the ad includes his quote that “this is their new hoax.” Trump’s re-election campaign said that quote was referring to Democratic “criticisms and politicization of the federal response to the public health crisis” and demanded the ad be taken down for falsely asserting he used the term to describe the coronavirus. Trump has faced criticism for initially playing down the seriousness of the coronavirus. The FCC declined to comment, saying it is reviewing the letter.The Trump campaign did not immediately comment. The White House declined to comment. In October 2017, Pai rejected Trump’s suggestion that the FCC could challenge the license of NBC, a unit of Comcast, after Trump suggested it reported stories that were not true. The FCC, an independent federal agency, does not license broadcast networks, but issues licenses to individual broadcast stations that are renewed on a staggered basis for eight-year periods. 

New Era of US Campaigning in Time of Coronavirus 

The congressional district Lindsey Boylan is running to represent is eerily quiet.  New York’s 10th Congressional District takes in parts of Manhattan and Brooklyn and includes one of the nation’s makeshift hospitals converted to handle the growing coronavirus crisis: the Javits Center.  “You don’t see the lights of the city that you would usually see. People really try to be respectful of the shelter-in-place rule, aside from grocery stores,” says Boylan, a former deputy secretary of economic development for Governor Andrew Cuomo who is running as a primary challenger to House Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler. “It’s just a really quiet, quiet city.”  Boylan is one of thousands of candidates up and down the ballot across the nation who have had to adapt their campaigns to the new realities of self-isolation and shelter-in-place orders.  Online replaces door-to-doorCandidates who usually at this time in an election year would be knocking on doors and holding face-to-face town halls have migrated online to Instagram Lives and Zoom meetings.  Campaigning is always difficult but this dramatic shift is occurring early in a crucial election season that will determine if Democrats retain their majority in the U.S. House of Representatives while Republicans are looking to hold on to control of the U.S. Senate. The makeup of the nation’s legislative body will be determined by these candidates’ success or failure.  “There’s an old saying in electoral politics – there are those that walk and those that lose. You want to get out there and do the door knocking,” says Todd Belt, director of the political management program at the George Washington University School of Political Management.  The Empire State building is seen in the distance from an empty street, April 2, 2020, in the Brooklyn borough of New York.First-time candidatesThe challenge is even greater for first-time candidates like Boylan, who need to increase their name recognition with voters and take on incumbent politicians. While presidential campaigns and high-profile congressional races have media recognition and large staffs, the majority of candidates are operating on much tighter margins.  “A campaign is like a small business that ends on election day,” says Amanda Litman, executive director and co-founder of Run for Something, an organization that helps first-time political candidates. The organization has compiled resources to help those first-time candidates figure out how to move an entire operation including volunteers, events, and information-sharing completely online.   “We’re encouraging people to try and replicate the relationships they have with voters, or at least replicate the intimacy. You can’t recreate the way that knocking on someone’s door and going into their home really feels. However, we can try and build on that trust and at least try and build some of that trust online,” Litman says.  “We’ve had to pivot entirely to digital at this point,” Boylan says of her campaign. “But we’re doing things every day to accommodate that. So I did my first Instagram Live last night with the only other mom of young children who’s running for Congress in New York State.”  Online office hours Boylan says hundreds of people joined in virtually and that she would begin replicating that experience with online office hours throughout the campaign, answering the flood of questions about federal and state assistance for those impacted by the coronavirus.  “Technology has been a tremendous equalizer in our campaign because I can immediately hear about the issues that are really problematic for people in the community,” Boylan said.  But Belt said interactions on social media do not fully replace the in-person interactions candidates often do in voter town halls and in visits with civic groups as they seek endorsements.  “It’s just not the same thing as being able to talk to people and listen to their concerns and to show your empathy and to explain in detail what your policy proposals are,” he said.  Congressional races also rely on more traditional forms of paid media – the candidate advertisements that run on local radio and television stations. Those ads cost money at a time when campaign fundraising is a tough task for candidates who risk appearing crass during a national emergency  “It’s going to be more expensive,” Belt said of the cost of paid advertisements. “Now you have less money coming in. And because the amount of money you have to pay for an advertisement is pegged to the rating that they’re getting, the ratings are going to be up because everybody’s home. It’s going to make it even more expensive at a time of declining contributions.”   Influence of local media has changed In past election years, candidates have always been able to turn to interviews with local media – from TV appearances talking about local issues to interviews with newspaper editorial boards considering endorsements. Matt Gorman, the former communications director for the National Republican Congressional Committee, notes even this element of campaigning has been changed by the coronavirus.   “It’s extremely rare where not only is national media dominated by a story but local media is as well,” said Gorman. He said he would advise candidates, “Don’t swim against the stream – talk about coronavirus. That’s what people want to talk about, that’s what the press wants to cover but a smart candidate uses that to branch out to other pertinent issues.”  A pedestrian walks by The Family Barbershop, closed due to a Gov. Gretchen Whitmer executive order, in Grosse Pointe Woods, Mich., April 2, 2020.Medical school background a plusSolomon Rajput is a progressive challenger to Rep. Debbie Dingell, in the Michigan 12th Congressional District, an area identified as one of the national hotspots for the coronavirus. He says his medical school background figured heavily in a recent online town hall with voters.  “Having that health care background, a background in science and recognizing the lack of science in our federal administration and how that has gotten us to the terrible point we’re at,” Rajput said of the concerns conveyed to him by voters.  Rajput had to reassess his campaign strategy of building an army of committed young volunteers who could go out into the community to talk about his concerns about climate change. Now he says his campaign is making the most of the time voters are stuck inside, recruiting for online internships.  Discussions start with coronavirusBoylan says that in her campaign the consequences of the coronavirus have started discussions with voters about access to testing, hospital overcrowding and the issues created for families now that schools are closed and some students do not have access to computers and other resources.  “Our campaign really had focused on the fact that our district and our communities are the most unequal in the country,” says Boylan. “It’s not as if these issues have changed. It’s simply that this public health crisis that we’re living through really has exacerbated a lot of these problems.” Boylan says one of her signature campaign issues is receiving more attention lately due to the crisis: access to affordable mental health care. She can still bring those concerns – and the plans she has to address them – to voters.  Like all the candidates on the ballot in this unusual election year, Boylan is finding new ways to campaign in an historically bad situation. Later in the day, she’s booked for a podcast interview on mental health in the time of the coronavirus.  

Експертиза у справі генерал-майора Назарова дійшла до апеляційного суду в Дніпрі

Експертиза у справі генерал-майора Віктора Назарова, якого суд першої інстанції визнав винним у службовому недбальстві в справі щодо загибелі 49 українських десантників у збитому бойовиками літаку, нарешті дійшла до апеляційного суду в Дніпрі. Про це повідомив адвокат родин загиблих військових Віталій Погосян.

За його даними, на експертизу знадобилось майже два роки.

Як поінформував адвокат, судовий розгляд справи Назарова в Дніпровському апеляційному суді заплановано на 28 квітня.

Чи відбудеться розгляд, з огляду на карантинні обмеження, поки не відомо.

Раніше, у  лютому 2029 року, апеляційний суд задовольнив клопотання генерала Назарова про дослідження висновків експертиз в його справі й нову експертизу. Тоді Віктор Назаров та його захист наполягали на дослідженні висновків експертиз, адже вважають, що між результатами двох експертиз, здійснених експертними установами у Львові та Києві у лютому та у травні 2015 року, є розбіжності. Генерал Назаров, зокрема, поставив під сумнів висновок однієї з експертиз, яка вважає, що він був обов’язаний забезпечити заходи безпеки літаків, відправлених в аеродром Луганська, зокрема, з подолання протиповітряної оборони.


17 грудня 2015 року в Павлоградському міськрайонному суді на Дніпропетровщині розпочався судовий процес у справі про загибель 49 українських військовослужбовців у літаку Іл – 76, збитому озброєними сепаратистами в аеропорту Луганська. На лаві підсудних була одна особа, генерал-майор Віктор Назаров, який на момент трагедії був начальником Штабу антитерористичної операції. Його обвинувачували у вчиненні злочину, передбаченого ч. 3 ст. 425 Кримінального кодексу України (недбалому ставленні до служби, вчиненому в бойовій обстановці, що призвело до тяжких наслідків).

27 березня 2017 року суд присудив йому 7 років ув’язнення, однак генерал подав апеляцію. З тих пір триває її розгляд.

14 червня 2014 року на території Луганської області з переносного зенітно-ракетного комплексу було уражено літак Іл – 76МД. Він загорівся та впав. На його борту перебували 40 військовослужбовців 25-ї окремої парашутно-десантної бригади та 9 членів екіпажу. Усі загинули.

Кабмін заборонив експорт гречки до 1 липня

Кабінет міністрів України заборонив експортувати гречку до 1 липня. Про це повідомили у Міністерстві розвитку економіки, торгівлі та сільського господарства

«Заборона на експорт гречки є тимчасовим заходом, необхідним для захисту внутрішнього ринку. Зараз ситуація на українському ринку є стабільною. Уряд весь час має діалог з виробниками та рітейлерами», – мовиться у повідомленні.

Як зазначили у міністерстві, аналогічні заходи вжили Білорусь, Росія та Казахстан.

«Міністерство закликатиме українські аграрні підприємства збільшувати посівні площі під гречкою», – повідомили у відомстві.

В Україні з 12 березня триває карантин, запроваджений через пандемію коронавірусу. 


US Democrats Delay National Convention 

The U.S. Democratic Party postponed its national presidential nominating convention from July to August on Thursday because of the uncertainty created by the ravaging coronavirus pandemic. The quadrennial event, where Democratic activists are likely to nominate former Vice President Joe Biden to face Republican President Donald Trump in the November national election, had been scheduled for mid-July in Milwaukee, in the Midwestern state of Wisconsin, but now will start Aug. 17. The party, in announcing the delay, said that even then the size and shape of the event is uncertain, with officials saying they will rely on the advice of medical and emergency responders about the coronavirus closer to the time of the event to protect the thousands of people who normally would attend the convention. Every four years, the Democratic and Republican national presidential nominating conventions are a showcase of American democracy in action, even though for years the eventual outcome of the parties’ presidential contests have been known for weeks ahead of the actual conventions. The conclaves have, however, served as rallies for the party faithful, with thousands of flag-waving political activists ready to cheer four days of speeches denouncing their opponents. Joe Solmonese, chief executive of the Democratic National Convention Committee, said, “In our current climate of uncertainty, we believe the smartest approach is to take additional time to monitor how this situation unfolds so we can best position our party for a safe and successful convention.” He said that because “the scope and scale of the pandemic and its impact remain unknown, we will continue to monitor the situation.” Chair of the Democratic National Committee, Tom Perez, speaks before a Democratic presidential primary debate, Nov. 20, 2019, in Atlanta.Tom Perez, the Democrats’ national chair, said, “Ultimately, the health and safety of our convention attendees and the people of Milwaukee is our top priority. And we will continue to be in contact with local, state, and federal health officials as we monitor this fluid situation.” He said Democrats are “ready to defeat Donald Trump, the American people are ready to elect a Democratic president, and I have absolute confidence that our team is ready to deliver a successful convention for our nominee.” In keeping an eye on the state of the pandemic closer to August, Democrats said they could adjust the convention’s format, limit the crowd size and change the schedule. With the new convention date for the Democrats, the two national parties will be staging back-to-back conventions in two successive weeks, which usually does not occur. Republicans are slated to acclaim Trump’s nomination for a second four-year term in the White House at their convention in Charlotte, in the Atlantic coastal state of North Carolina, starting Aug. 24. 

Pelosi to Form Select Committee to Oversee US Coronavirus Relief

U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said Thursday that she would form a bipartisan select committee on the coronavirus crisis to oversee the spending of $2.3 trillion that Congress has approved to respond to the pandemic.In a conference call with reporters, the California Democrat also said she believed the administration of Republican President Donald Trump was “more inclined to be supportive” than Senate Republican leaders of her push for infrastructure spending as part of a fourth major bill in response to the coronavirus crisis.Congressional Democrats and the Trump administration have been clashing over how to implement the massive coronavirus rescue bill, the largest financial relief bill in U.S. history. When he signed the bill, Trump questioned whether he had to adhere to restrictions on his powers included in it.Pelosi said lawmakers must ensure aid already approved gets to those who need it most, and a committee was needed to ensure funds “are spent wisely and effectively.”The top House Republican, Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy of California, raised several objections to the idea of a select committee, including that it could not be created without a vote and Congress is out until April 20. “It raises questions to me, what the speaker is trying to do with that,” McCarthy told reporters on a conference call.McCarthy said there is already oversight from congressional committees and the new coronavirus laws.Review favoredPelosi, whose party has enough votes in the House to create a select committee if it wants, said she also favored an “after action review” later to examine the handling of the pandemic, but the select committee will be for the “here and now.” It will have subpoena power, she said. “We want to make sure there are not exploiters out there. … Where there is money, there is also frequently mischief.”Pelosi said she spoke with Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin on Wednesday about tax matters, but “they know that I want to go forward” on infrastructure spending.”Whatever communication we need to move forward, that will be happening, whether I talk to the president or not,” said Pelosi, who has a strained relationship with Trump.McCarthy said he was open to more infrastructure spending but wanted to focus on implementing coronavirus-related legislation already passed before embarking on more.Democrats have outlined a $760 billion, five-year infrastructure bill that would fund road repairs, water system improvements, broadband and other projects. They also want $10 billion for community health centers.

У районі, де розташований Яворівський полігон, на подвір’я до людей впав снаряд – Міноборони

У пресслужбі Міністерства оборони повідомили, що 2 квітня на подвір’я житлового будинку у приватному секторі одного з населених пунктів Яворівського району Львівської області впав снаряд. Саме у цьому районі, в селі Старичі розташований Яворівський військовий полігон.

Військова служба правопорядку у ЗСУ, яка підпорядковується Міністерству оборони, не вказує конкретно про який населений пункт району йдеться.

«Боєприпас не розірвався. Жертв та постраждалих немає. На місці події працюють представники Військової служби правопорядку у ЗСУ, Національної поліції та служби порятунку. Усі обставини з’ясовуються», – йдеться в повідомленні.

Днями Національна академія сухопутних військ імені гетьмана Петра Сагайдачного на своєму сайті повідомляла, що майже тисяча її курсантів проходять польовий вишкіл на Яворівському полігоні.

Яворівський полігон є одним із двох в Україні (разом з Широколанівським), де проводять також міжнародні військові навчання.

У КМДА заявили, що перевірятимуть, чи дотримуються кияни самоізоляції

Створений столичною владою моніторинговий центр контролюватиме телефоном людей, які та знаходяться на самоізоляції. Про це розповів радник київського міського голови та секретар штабу з ліквідації наслідків надзвичайної ситуації Володимир Бондаренко.

Він уточнив, що контактуватимуть з людьми з коронавірусом, які лікуються вдома, людьми, що з ними контактували та тими, хто повернувся з-за кордону.

«Телефоном спочатку виявляються контактери осіб, які мають коронавірусну хворобу. Цих контактерів попереджають про необхідність самоізоляції. Щодо інших осіб, окрім попередження про необхідність самоізоляції, також визначається, наскільки їм потрібна чи не потрібна допомога», – зазначив Бондаренко.

За словами чиновника, самоізольованих можуть відвідати з перевіркою представники поліції, ЖЕКу чи лікарі первинної ланки.


Заступник міністра внутрішніх справ Антон Геращенко повідомив, що за порушення режиму самоізоляції на сьогодні оштрафовані 130 громадян, які повернулись з-за кордону. 

1 квітня ЗМІ повідомляли, що у Києві з обсервації у готелі «Козацький» втекли понад 60 людей, які повернулись з-за кордону.​

Після закриття кордонів у зв’язку з обмежувальними заходами країн через пандемію коронавірусу в Україну з-за кордону повернулись тисячі людей.

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