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Мокшандский кремль получил очень плохие новости: истерика лошадиного лаврова усугубила положение

Мокшандский кремль получил очень плохие новости: истерика лошадиного лаврова усугубила положение

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Президентська доставка масок в Епіцентр. Як гереги хотіли продати гуманітарний вантаж меру Києва!!!

Президентська доставка масок в Епіцентр. Як гереги хотіли продати гуманітарний вантаж меру Києва!!!

Ніби як гуманітарний вантаж захисних масок, окулярів та костюмів, які зустрічав президент зеленський, опинився на полицях гіпермаркетів регіонала і дегенерата Гереги.

Останній запропонував купити захисні засоби… меру Києва. Гучний скандал зірвав маски з обличь нової влади!

Блог про українську політику та актуальні події в нашій країні

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Веник и половые тряпки путляндского рейха

Веник и половые тряпки путляндского рейха.

Наглядный урок и лабораторная работа по общественно-политической русофобии

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Trump Tweets Raise Speculation About Potential Flynn Pardon

President Donald Trump on Thursday tweeted his support for his former national security adviser Michael Flynn, raising speculation that a pardon may be coming after Flynn’s lawyers released internal FBI documents they claim show the FBI was trying to entrap him.
Trump has long said he is considering pardoning Flynn, who pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI in early 2017 about his conversations with the Russian ambassador to the United States. The president spent Wednesday night and Thursday morning retweeting supportive statements and a video Flynn tweeted of an American flag flapping in the wind.
“What happened to General Michael Flynn, a war hero, should never be allowed to happen to a citizen of the United States again!” Trump wrote Thursday morning as his counselor Kellyanne Conway was on Fox News Channel responding to the case.
Conway said it would be up to Trump to make any announcement, but called Flynn’s treatment a “disgrace.”
Trump “has made very clear that he feels people around him are treated very unfairly, and in this case worse,” she said.
Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell also called into Fox to react to the release of the FBI documents, saying, “if true, it is extremely troubling.”
“If all this proves to be true, you will have, certainly, a major, major error on the part of top leadership at the FBI, which could well warrant additional charges against them,” he said.
Lawyers for Flynn released internal FBI emails and handwritten notes on Wednesday documenting internal correspondence among FBI officials before Flynn’s interview with the bureau. They contend the documents bolster their allegations that Flynn was set up to lie when he was questioned at the White House three years ago. The notes show the officials grappling with how best to approach Flynn, how much information to provide him during an interview and what to do if he made a false statement.
Flynn, who was among the first of the president’s aides charged in special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into ties between the Trump campaign and Russia, is now seeking to withdraw his guilty plea and makes broad assertions of law enforcement misconduct. U.S. District Judge Emmet Sullivan has rejected many of the defense arguments but has yet to rule on whether Flynn can take back his guilty plea.
Meanwhile, a federal prosecutor from Missouri is reviewing the Justice Department’s handling of the case at the direction of Attorney General William Barr. The department said the notes were provided to the defense as part of that ongoing review.
It remains unclear what bearing the documents will have on the case or how significant the judge will determine them to be. But Flynn has emerged as something of a cause celebre in recent months for supporters of the president, who have rallied around the retired Army lieutenant general and seized on the findings of a harshly critical watchdog report on the Russia investigation to try to cast doubt on the entire probe.
Prosecutors haven’t filed anything in response to Wednesday’s action by Flynn’s lawyers. But Trump has made clear he is considering a pardon.
In FBI emails dated Jan. 23, 2017, the day before agents interviewed Flynn at the White House, officials pondered at what point in the conversation Flynn should be reminded that it is against the law to lie to the FBI — at the outset of the conversation or after he makes a suspected false statement.
Flynn’s attorneys have said he was never given such a warning.
Also released was a page of handwritten FBI notes, dated the following day, in which an official appears to recap an internal debate inside the bureau about the interview.
“What’s our goal? Truth/admission or to get him to lie, so we can prosecute him or get him fired?” the notes say.
At another point, the notes say, “If we get him to admit to breaking the Logan Act, give facts to DoJ and have them decide.” That is a reference to a centuries-old, esoteric law that makes it a crime for a private citizen to conduct foreign policy with another government.
The notes also say: “If we’re seen as playing games, WH will be furious. Protect our institution by not playing games.”
The handwritten notes bear the initials “EP,” which is likely a reference to E.W. Priestap, the senior FBI official who in the summer of 2016 approved the opening of an investigation into ties between the Trump campaign and Russia.
Flynn acknowledged lying to the FBI about having discussed sanctions against Russia during the presidential transition period with Sergey Kislyak, the Russian ambassador at the time. Flynn provided such extensive cooperation that prosecutors said he was entitled to a sentence of probation instead of prison.
But his sentencing hearing was abruptly cut short after Flynn, following a stern rebuke from Sullivan, asked to be able to continue cooperating and earn credit toward a more lenient sentence.
Since then, Flynn has hired new attorneys — including Sidney Powell, a conservative commentator and outspoken critic of Mueller’s investigation — who have taken a more adversarial stance to the government.  
The lawyers have accused prosecutors of withholding documents and evidence they said was favorable to the case and repeatedly noted that one of the two agents who interviewed Flynn was fired from the FBI for having sent derogatory text messages about Trump during the 2016 presidential campaign.
Trump also tweeted Thursday about his longtime political adviser Roger Stone, who was convicted last year as part of the Russia investigation and is awaiting a date to surrender to federal prison.
“Does anybody really believe that Roger Stone, a man whose house was raided early in the morning by 29 gun toting FBI Agents (with Fake News @CNN closely in toe), was treated fairly,” he asked, adding: “Same scammers as General Flynn!”

Пасажиропотік через адмінкордон з окупованим Кримом зменшився вдвічі у березні – міністерство

Адміністративний кордон між окупованим Росією Кримом і Херсонською областю у березні перетнуло в два рази менше людей, ніж у лютому. Про це свідчать дані Міністерства з питань реінтеграції тимчасово окупованих територій України.

«У порівнянні з лютим кількість перетинів цивільним населенням зменшилася на 56,28%, а також зменшилася кількість перетинів транспортних засобів на 51,23%», – мовиться у повідомленні.

За даними міністерства, найбільше пасажирів перетнули адмінкордон через КПВВ «Каланчак» – 20 895 людей, на другому місці «Чонгар» – 16 714. Найменше – через КПВВ «Чаплинка» – 3096 людей.

17 березня Міністерство України з питань тимчасово окупованих територій і тимчасово переміщених осіб повідомило про обмеження пропуску через контрольні пункти в’їзду-виїзду на адмінкордоні анексованого Криму з Херсонською областю до 3 квітня. Державна прикордонна служба України пояснила Крим.Реалії, що обмеження стосується громадян без реєстрації на материковій частині України.

Кабмін України повідомив, що громадян, які прибули на територію материкової України з анексованого Криму або окупованих проросійськими бойовиками частин Донецької і Луганської областей, відправлятимуть на обов’язкову обсервацію.

Після анексії Криму Росією на початку 2014 року між материковою Україною і півостровом проліг формально адміністративний, але фактично – справжній кордон

На Донбасі 30 квітня бойовики 4 рази порушили режим припинення вогню – штаб

Від початку поточної доби, 30 квітня, бойовики на Донбасі чотири рази порушили режим припинення вогню. Про це повідомили у штабі операції Об’єднаних сил.

Зазначається, що бойовики застосовували заборонене Мінськими домовленостями озброєння, а також протитанкові ракетні комплекси, гранатомети різних систем, озброєння бойових машин піхоти, великокаліберні кулемети та стрілецьку зброю.

У штабі повідомили, що втрат у лавах ЗСУ внаслідок обстрілів не було.

«На усі зухвалі дії російських найманців українські військовослужбовці відповідали прицільним вогнем з наявних вогневих засобів по опорних пунктах противника. Зберігаючи контроль над обстановкою, наші воїни припинили ворожу активність. Втрати противника уточнюються», – мовиться у повідомленні.


У незаконних збройних угрупованнях «ЛДНР» не звітують про перебіг бойових дій поточної доби.


Збройний конфлікт на Донбасі триває від 2014 року після російської окупації Криму. Україна і Захід звинувачують Росію у збройній підтримці бойовиків. Кремль відкидає ці звинувачення і заявляє, що на Донбасі можуть перебувати хіба що російські «добровольці».

За даними ООН, від березня 2014-го до 31 жовтня 2019 року внаслідок збройного конфлікту на Донбасі загинули від 13 000 до 13 200 людей.

China ‘Not Interested’ in Meddling in US Election

China said Wednesday it has no desire to meddle in this year’s U.S. presidential election, despite claims to the contrary by President Donald Trump.
Trump told Reuters Wednesday that “China will do anything they can do to have me lose this race” in favor of Democratic Party opponent Joe Biden. Trump said China prefers a Biden win, believing he would ease the pressure Trump has put on Beijing through trade tariffs and other means.
“We have reiterated many times that the U.S. election is the U.S.’s own internal affair. China is not interested in interfering,” said China Foreign Ministry spokesman Geng Shuang. “At the same time, we hope the people of the U.S. will not drag China into its electoral politics.”
The Trump administration has blamed China for the coronavirus pandemic, which has thrown the U.S. into a deep recession and infected more than 1 million people in the U.S., more than any other country by far.  
Trump said during the interview he was exploring various options to penalize Beijing over the pandemic, despite China’s insistence it effectively addressed the outbreak.
“The international community shares a common view on China’s handling of the epidemic and China’s contributions to international cooperation in the fight against the coronavirus,” Shuang said.
Relations between the world’s two largest economies were strained before the coronavirus outbreak. Trump began intensifying a trade dispute with Beijing two years ago that deteriorated into retaliatory tariffs and ballooned into a trillion-dollar trade war.
The pandemic-triggered U.S. economic slowdown has Trump’s campaign concerned about his reelection chances, given that it planned to make the previously robust economy a key selling point in Trump’s reelection bid.
Polls show Biden leading Trump in the race for the White House.  Real Clear Politics’ polling average, which includes data from dozens of pollsters, has Biden leading Trump 48% to 42%.
A new Emerson College poll shows Trump’s approval rating for how he has managed the pandemic has dropped 10 points from last month. The results show 39% of the poll’s respondents now approve of his handling of the crisis, a decline from 49% in March. 

Trump Erupts at Campaign Team as His Poll Numbers Slide 

President Donald Trump erupted at his top political advisers last week when they presented him with worrisome polling data that showed his support eroding in a series of battleground states as his response to the coronavirus comes under criticism.  As the virus takes its deadly toll and much of the nation’s economy remains shuttered, new surveys by the Republican National Committee and Trump’s campaign pointed to a harrowing picture for the president as he faces reelection. FILE – President Donald Trump points to a reporter to ask a question as he speaks about the coronavirus in the James Brady Press Briefing Room of the White House, in Washington, April 16, 2020.While Trump saw some of the best approval ratings of his presidency during the early weeks of the crisis, aides highlighted the growing political cost of the crisis and the unforced errors by Trump in his freewheeling press briefings.  Trump reacted with defiance, incredulous that he could be losing to someone he viewed as a weak candidate. “I am not f—-ing losing to Joe Biden,” he repeated in a series of heated conference calls with his top campaign officials, according to five people with knowledge of the conversations. They spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to speak publicly about private discussions.  Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden smiles as former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton endorses him for president in a video screengrab made during an online town hall, in Wilmington, Delaware, April 28, 2020. (Biden For President/Handout)The message to the president was sobering: Trump was trailing the former Democratic vice president in many key battleground states, he was told, and would have lost the Electoral College if the election had been held earlier this month. On the line from the White House, Trump snapped at the state of his polling during a series of calls with campaign manager Brad Parscale, who called in from Florida; RNC chair Ronna McDaniel, on the line from her home in Michigan; senior adviser Jared Kushner; and other aides. Echoing a number of White House aides and outside advisers, the political team urged Trump to curtail his daily coronavirus briefings, arguing that the combative sessions were costing him in the polls, particularly among seniors. Trump initially pushed back, pointing to high television ratings. But, at least temporarily, he agreed to scale back the briefings after drawing sharp criticism for raising the idea that Americans might get virus protection by injecting disinfectants. Trump aides encouraged the president to stay out of medical issues and direct his focus toward more familiar and politically important ground: the economy. Even as Trump preaches optimism, the president has expressed frustration and even powerlessness as the dire economic statistics pile up. It’s been a whiplash-inducing moment for the president, who just two months ago planned to run for reelection on the strength of an economy that was experiencing unprecedented employment levels. Now, as the records mount in the opposite direction, Trump is feeling the pressure. “We built the greatest economy in the world,” Trump has said publicly. “I’ll do it a second time.” Trump’s political team warned that the president’s path to reelection depends on how quickly he can bring about a recovery.  “I think you’ll see by June a lot of the country should be back to normal, and the hope is that by July the country’s really rocking again,” Kushner told “Fox & Friends” on Wednesday morning. But other aides, business leaders and economists predict a far longer road toward recovery. Representatives for the RNC and the Trump campaign did not comment on the polling or last week’s phone calls. In a tweet just after midnight Wednesday, Trump denied that he had recently shouted at his campaign manager and said that “he is doing a great job.” According to people familiar with the incident, Trump vented much of his frustration at Parscale, who served as the bearer of bad news. FILE – Brad Parscale, campaign manager to President Donald Trump, speaks to supporters during a panel discussion, Oct. 15, 2019, in San Antonio.Trump has long distrusted negative poll numbers — telling aides for years that his gut was right about the 2016 race, when he insisted that he was ahead in the Midwest and Florida. At the same time, Parscale and other Trump aides are talking up the sophistication of their data and voter outreach capabilities this time. The president and some aides have had simmering frustrations with Parscale for a while, believing the campaign manager — a close Kushner ally — has enriched himself from his association with Trump and sought personal publicity. Trump had previously been angered when Parscale was the subject of magazine profiles. This latest episode flared before the campaign manager was featured in a New York Times Magazine profile this week.  Aides have grown particularly worried about Michigan — which some advisers have all but written off — as well as Florida, Wisconsin and Arizona.  Trump announced Wednesday that he will visit Arizona next week — his first trip outside Washington in a month — as he looks to declare that much of the nation is ready to begin reopening after the virus.  The president has mocked Biden, his presumptive general election rival, for being “stuck in his basement” in his Delaware home during the pandemic. Trump said Wednesday that he hopes to soon visit Ohio, a battleground state that Trump carried handily in 2016 but that aides see as growing slightly competitive in recent weeks. Aides acknowledged that the president’s signature rallies would not be returning anytime soon. Some have privately offered doubts that he would be able to hold any in his familiar format of jam-packed arenas before Election Day, Nov. 3.   

«Будеш знімати, тебе тут не стане!» – як зустрічають журналістів хами з «Волинської оптової бази» в Києві

«Будеш знімати, тебе тут не стане!» – як зустрічають журналістів хами з київських ринків.

Уряд дозволив ринкам працювати, втім за умови жорсткого дотримання санітарно-епідеміологічних вимог. Серед них: обов’язковість масок, антисептик на вході, наявність щитків між продавцем і покупцем, дистанція між продавцями у три метри, дезінфекція торгових поверхонь кожні три години і контроль чисельності: не більше однієї людини на 10 квадратних метрів площі. Ми відправилися на ринки, аби у прямому ефірі поспілкуватися із покупцями та продавцями щодо оновлених державою правил.

«Волинська оптова база» працювала і під час карантину, адже є місцем гуртових продовольчих закупівель, але працює і як роздрібний ринок. Не всі працівники охоче спілкувалися з журналістами, деякі одягали маски лише коли бачили камеру. В одному з павільйонів продавець навіть перейшов до погроз журналістам!!!

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