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Путин затевает возню на Северном Кавказе

Путин затевает возню на Северном Кавказе.

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Достижения зеленого коммунизма

Достижения зеленого коммунизма

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Кримнашисти, кримські нелегали та вітання Монатіка для скандальної росіянки

Кримнашисти, кримські нелегали та вітання Монатіка для скандальної росіянки.

Новий чорний список росіян (і не тільки), які були в Криму та тепер пруться до нас.

Блог про українську політику та актуальні події в нашій країні

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Warren Vows her Organization Will Win Primary, Beat Trump

Elizabeth Warren says she has more than 1,000 campaign staffers in 31 states and 100-plus field offices, a show of organizational strength her campaign promises will lift her to the Democratic presidential nomination and hurt President Donald Trump’s chances in key battlegrounds in November.The Massachusetts senator vows that her campaign will be organized in all 57 states and territories before the Democratic National Convention in July. In the meantime, it’s looking beyond Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada and South Carolina, which open the primary, and “Super Tuesday” on March 3 when more than a dozen states vote.“We expect this to be a long nomination fight and have built our campaign to sustain well past Super Tuesday and stay resilient no matter what breathless media narratives come when voting begins,” Warren campaign manager Roger Lau wrote in a memo released Friday to supporters offering “Our Roadmap to Win.”It explains how the campaign will clinch the nearly 2,000 Democratic delegates needed to secure the party’s presidential nomination and notes that Warren has already traveled to 30 states and Puerto Rico while building “what even rival campaigns acknowledge is the best organization on the ground.”Warren’s bet is that a far-reaching organization can insulate her against poor performances in the early states, while giving her built-in momentum if she does well. But it also could be risky, since having so many staffers is expensive, and enthusiasm and fundraising could dry up if she doesn’t meet early expectations.Polls show Warren bunched among the primary front-runners with former Vice President Joe Biden, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders and Pete Buttigieg, the former mayor of South Bend, Indiana.Supporters of President Donald Trump rally outside Capitol Hill in Washington, DC. (Photo: Diaa Bekheet)Still, the memo says Warren’s goal is to win her party’s nomination, beat Trump, hold Democratic-control of the House of Representatives, retake the Senate and even flip some key state legislatures heading into redistricting, when congressional maps will be redrawn based on the 2020 census.That’s why Warren says she’ll leave staffers in place and field offices open in Iowa after its Feb. 3 caucus, and do so after other general election toss-up states have voted in the primary, hoping for a head start against Trump in November.Warren’s campaign is out to build “a critical mass of support in more than enough states to foreclose any path to an Electoral College victory for Donald Trump,” the memo said. It noted that if Trump is denied the popular vote victory in 2020 like he was in 2016, “he’ll join John Quincy Adams and Benjamin Harrison as a one-term president who lost the popular vote on the way in and lost it again, even more badly, on the way out.”Lau said Warren has “had more than 100,000 one-on-one conversations with Americans” during a year of campaigning, referencing the famous “selfie” pictures Warren supporters line up and wait for after nearly every one of her events — even really large ones.The memo notes that the first four states account for 155 delegates our about 4% of the total. Super Tuesday has 1,350-plus delegates, or more than a third of the total up for grabs.Post-Super Tuesday states, including Michigan and Florida, account for 1,091 delegates or nearly a quarter of the total, while April to June states like New Mexico and Wisconsin account for nearly 1,400 delegates or nearly 35% of the total.The memo says that, since last fall, Warren’s campaign has been “putting staff on the ground in critical Super Tuesday states.” Warren’s campaign is also hoping to focus on states that vote between Super Tuesday and the beginning of April, saying it has “several hundred” organizing staffers in places like Alabama and Washington state and “by mid-April, we will have organizers on the ground in the remaining states, completing the full map.”That assumes her candidacy can make it that far, of course, but “We’re only just getting started,” Lau wrote.

Dems Pick Whitmer, Escobar for Trump State of Union Response

Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer will deliver the Democratic response to President Donald Trump’s State of the Union address on Feb. 4. Rep. Veronica Escobar of Texas will deliver the Spanish-language response.House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer made the announcement Friday.They praised Whitmer for her efforts to ensure clean drinking water is available in communities across Michigan, which was scarred by the 2014 water crisis in Flint. About 25,000 people have sued over the crisis, in which a change in the source of the city’s water resulted in lead contamination.Whitmer, a former prosecutor who was sworn in as governor last year, defeated Republican state Attorney General Bill Schuette, a Trump ally. She had previously served as Democratic Leader in the Michigan state Senate and was the first woman to lead the Senate caucus.Escobar, of El Paso, attended a protest rally in August ahead of Trump’s visit to the city after a mass shooting at a Walmart killed 22 people. Police said the gunman specifically targeted Mexicans. Escobar spent two decades in local government before coming to Washington. She’s the first Latina to represent her district.Trump has said he intends to deliver the State of the Union as scheduled despite his ongoing Senate impeachment trial.

У київському метро вибухівки не виявили

Правоохоронці провели необхідні перевірки на центральних станціях київського метро і не виявили вибухонебезпечних предметів.

«Усі станції працюють у звичайному режимі», – інформує в соцмережах Київський метрополітен.


Раніше це комунальне підприємство повідомило про закриття ввечері 24 січня приблизно з 18:00 п’яти з шести пересадкових станцій.

«У зв’язку з анонімним дзвінком щодо мінування станцій правоохоронці проводять почергово перевірку станцій «Хрещатик», «Площа Льва Толстого», «Палац спорту», «Золоті ворота», «Театральна» з тимчасовим закриттям станцій», – ідеться в повідомленні у соцмережах.

Не закритою з центральних станцій залишалася лише «Майдан Незалежності».

У поліції Києва минулого місяця повідомили, що за неповних 11 місяців 2019 року відкрили понад 460 кримінальних проваджень через неправдиві повідомлення про мінування.

У Дніпрі від грипу помер дворічний хлопчик

У Дніпрі від грипу помер дворічний хлопчик. Інформацію про летальний випадок 24 січня підтвердили в обласному лабораторному центрі МОЗ України.

Як повідомила завідувачка вірусологічної лабораторії лабораторного центру Олена Кузьменко, матеріал на дослідження надійшов на дослідження 22 січня. У дитини підтвердили грип типу А H1N1 пандемічний.

«Загалом у поточному епідсезоні 2019-2020 років підтверджено 15 випадків вірусу типу А H1N1, один випадок летальний, решта – просто хворі», – сказала фахівець.

За попередніми даними, хворий, який помер, не мав щеплення від грипу.

За інформацією з обласного лабораторного центру, за останній тиждень в області на 50% зросла захворюваність на ГРЗ серед дітей, на 37% – серед дорослих. До лікарень за тиждень звернулось 13 тисяч людей. Епідемічний поріг в області поки не перевищено.

Медики прогнозують перевищення епідпорогу в лютому.

23 січня Міністерство охорони здоров’я України повідомило, що внаслідок грипу з початку сезону до 19 січня померли 11 нещеплених українців.


Російська служба Радіо Свобода реєструється як «іноземний агент»

Російська служба Радіо Вільна Європа/Радіо Свобода подала документи до Федеральної податкової служби Росії, щоб зареєструватися як «іноземний агент» на виконання змін у законодавстві, ухвалених у 2019 році. Про це 24 січня повідомив директор російського Радіо Свобода Андрій Шарий.

За його словами, редакція подала документи днями.

«Цього тижня ми подали всі необхідні папери російським податковим чиновникам після того, як отримали всі необхідні роз’яснення щодо процесу реєстрацію від Міністерства юстиції», – сказав Шарий.

За його словами, міністерство повідомило, що одна реєстрація покриватиме всі проєкти Радіо Свобода, які діють на території Росії.

Читайте також: Росія: центр «Меморіал» 19-й раз оштрафували за законом про «іноземних агентів»​

У грудні 2019 року президент Росії Володимир Путін підписав поправку до закону про іноземних агентів 2012 року. Ця поправка визнає іноземними агентами журналістів, які працюють на організації з таким статусом.

Тоді президент Радіо Вільна Європа/Радіо Свобода Джеймі Флай розкритикував цю зміну і назвав закон «обурливим». Він зазначив, що мовник співпрацює з сотнями кореспондентів по всій Росії, які висвітлюють «важливі проблеми, ігноровані державними медіа», і внаслідок цього закону будуть визнані «іноземними агентами».​

«Це виняткові, віддані своїй справі журналісти. Цей закон грубо втручається в їхню роботу і ставить під загрозу їхню безпеку, аби змусити їх повчати та забрати в російських громадян право шукати надійну інформацію», – сказав Флай.

Читайте також: #ВірніСвободі. Історії людей, які працюють на Радіо Свобода десятиліттями

Російські чиновники натомість назвали закон «симетричною відповіддю» на те, що російський спонсорований з бюджету канал RT змушений був реєструвати підрозділ у США на виконання американського закону про іноземних агентів.

Російська служба Радіо Свобода працює з 1953 року, наразі має велику редакцію в Москві та сотні працівників по всій Росії. Нещодавно мовник заснував проєкти для висвітлення подій на півночі Росії – Север.Реалии та Сибирь.Реалии.

РВЄ/РС поширює інформацію на різних платформах (інтернет, радіо, телебачення, відео) для аудиторії в 20 країнах Східної та Південно-Східної Європи, Кавказу, Центральної Азії та Близького Сходу 25 мовами. Українська редакція Радіо Свобода існує з 1954 року.

Now on Trump’s Team, Dershowitz says, ‘I Haven’t Changed’

Alan Dershowitz was in line at Mar-a-Lago’s lavish Christmas Eve buffet last month when President Donald Trump stopped to chat.The retired Harvard law professor had already been asked by Trump’s legal team to assist with the defense at his impeachment trial and, with the case opening in a matter of weeks, the Republican president wanted to know: Was he on board?“He said, ‘Everybody wants to do this thing, but I want you,’” Dershowitz recalled in an interview with The Associated Press.Dershowitz, whose clients have included O.J. Simpson, Claus von Bulow and Mike Tyson, ultimately said yes, joining a legal team that, starting Saturday, will present the defense at only the third impeachment trial of a American president in history.Trump’s attorneys say Dershowitz and Ken Starr, the former independent counsel during President Bill Clinton’s impeachment, will have “discrete functions that they will be addressing” at trial.Dershowitz’s task is to make the argument — widely rejected among scholars — that an impeachable offense requires criminal-like conduct. Dershowitz joked Thursday that if he sounded sniffly, it was because he’d been buried in musty history and law books to prepare.While it’s just another high-profile case in a career full of them, Dershowitz’s defense of Trump has befuddled associates, friends and former students, who struggle to make sense of his forceful advocacy for the president and who fervently disagree with the legal positions he’s taken and even the facts he’s advanced in Trump’s defense.“Rubbish” is how one law professor who studied under Dershowitz, Frank Bowman at the University of Missouri, described his views on impeachable offenses. A longtime Harvard Law School colleague, Laurence Tribe, wrote in a Washington Post opinion piece that the argument “has died a thousand deaths” but nonetheless “staggers on like a vengeful zombie.” Some, meanwhile, have seized on video of a 1998 interview when Dershowitz expressed virtually the opposite view of what he’s saying now about an impeachable offense requiring a crime.For his part, Dershowitz maintains there’s nothing inconsistent or unusual about the positions he’s taking.Though he’s been a vocal defender of Trump the last three years, he insists it’s not about this particular president. Rather, he’s trying to prevent impeachment from being weaponized into a “partisan process,” where any president can be removed over non-criminal abuses of power.“I’ve always taken positions that are principled and often unpopular and often in defense of people I don’t particularly support,” Dershowitz said, citing his defense of Neo-Nazis who wanted the right to march through Skokie, Illinois.“I haven’t changed at all. I’ve had the same consistent policy of defending people I don’t like, people I do like, without regard to party, without regard to partisanship.”Nancy Gertner, a retired federal judge in Boston who has known Dershowitz for years, says it’s true that he hasn’t changed — he still gravitates toward the media spotlight, high-profile cases and “positions he thinks will prove how principled he is.”But she says it’s impossible to reconcile his statements on behalf of Trump, and his extraordinarily expansive view of presidential authorities, with the civil libertarian bent he’s expressed over the decades and his stated opposition to unchecked government power. Some of what she’s heard him say is “horrifying.”“I’ve known him for a very long time,” she said. “I’ve never seen anything like this.”Even before he made the case against impeachment in a book, Dershowitz has defended as lawful some of Trump’s most scrutinized actions. In op-eds and TV appearances, he has accused special counsel Robert Mueller of partisan bias, ridiculed the idea Trump could have obstructed justice by firing his FBI chief and said presidents enjoy more power than kings.“A civil libertarian should be concerned about deploying the levers of power for the wrong purposes,” said Gertner, who is now a senior Harvard law lecturer. “These are not civil liberties positions. These are positions to garner attention to put him in the position that he now is in, which is to represent the president.”Harvey Silverglate, a friend of Dershowitz’s for more than 50 years, said his positions on Trump clearly make him unpopular “among the legal intelligentsia nationwide.” But he said Dershowitz specializes in cases where the defense is difficult or unique, and the client unpopular.Though Trump may not be an underdog in the conventional sense, Silverglate wrote in an email, “his impeachment does present just the kind of case, challenge and client for which Dershowitz is perfect — a high-profile assault on an individual who has powerful enemies and who is being ‘prosecuted.’”Dershowitz says he’s convinced that the same people criticizing him would be applauding him if he was prosecuting the House impeachment case. The attacks, he said, have been “ferocious.” He calls it a “shoe on the other foot test.”“People say I’m not a constitutional lawyer because they don’t like the side I’m on,” Dershowitz said. “They say I’m too old, I’m a has-been.”Trump has watched Dershowitz defend him on Fox News for years, sometimes tweeting links to the lawyer’s statements that he finds especially helpful. Through the Mueller investigation and into impeachment he has been enamored with the possibility of assembling a legal dream team.But White House aides cautioned Trump against bringing Dershowitz onto his team, concerned that Dershowitz was a self-promoter whose showboating style wouldn’t put Trump’s interests first.They also feared Dershowitz’s ties to Jeffrey Epstein and the surrounding legal drama would be a distraction for the defense. Trump overruled them.According to one person familiar with the decision, Trump wanted the appearance of a bipartisan defense team. And he has always valued attorneys who can make the case to the public on Fox News, his preferred platform.By the time of their Christmas Eve conversation, Dershowitz had already been approached about a role on the team. But his wife, who was with him that evening at Mar-a-Lago, was more apprehensive, concerned he’d lose his independence.Trump sought to offer reassurance on that point, saying that while he appreciated that concern, it was nonetheless important to consider “how important this was for the future of the country and for precedent and all that,” Dershowitz recalled.Within days, his participation was settled.“People have already said that my arguments will be bonkers or errant nonsense,” Dershowitz said. “My only point is: Listen. I’m going to lay out a very serious constitutional argument. Maybe you’ll agree with it or maybe you won’t, but let’s have a debate on the merits.”

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